Letter from Fr. David


Dear Friends in Christ

I pray you are having a blessed Advent thus far.  In this bulletin’s letter I would like to follow up with the prayer mission that Montini School announced a few weeks ago.

If you were in church here at St. Mary the weekend before Thanksgiving you will remember the religion teacher from Montini announcing a prayer mission that has been initiated by the 8th grade class.  They are calling it the Montini Mustang Memorare Miracle Mission.  (Clever alliteration, eh?)  The entire school community is well aware of the challenges facing Montini, Catholic schools in our area, and Catholic education as a whole.  With strategic plans taking place locally, around the diocese, and throughout the nation, there exists a great deal of uneasiness and uncertainty about the future of Catholic education, and with many schools in particular, i.e. through merges, closings, shifting, and restructuring.  Though our school is currently stong and viable, nevertheless the Montini community acutely feels this anxiety.  Our excellent 8th graders are drawing attention to many of these concerns in the simplest and most brilliant of ways – through prayer.  They are asking for our prayer pledges.  But they are not asking for a mere handful of prayers to be tossed up to heaven in a quick moment.  No, they are asking for us to create a groundswell of tens of thousands of prayers over weeks and months, to as it were make a “holy ruckus” and storm the gates of heaven with the intentions of our children.  Thus far I think we have made a few tremors, but we have yet to reach eruption stage.  Our children set a goal of 100,000 Memorares; as of the morning I’m writing this, 16,667 Memorares have been pledged by the McHenry community.  Our voices are raising, but let’s keep knockin’ on Heaven’s door until we at least reach that 100,000 goal!

Here are a few tips I would like to add regarding this Mission:

  1. No official stop date has been set. The school and I are telling people who ask to continue pledging prayers throughout the remainder of this school year.  Therefore, if you already made a prayer pledge but later on this school year would like to make another, by all means do so.  The church, parish office, and school will have extra pledge sheets on hand.  You may use one of these, or if you cannot locate one you may simply mail a postcard or sheet of paper to Montini Catholic School, 1405 N. Richmond Rd., McHenry IL, 60050 with your new pledge.
  1. If you pray a Rosary often, even daily, try once in awhile substituting the Hail Mary’s with Memorare’s, and have that “Rosary” then be for the children’s intentions for the school. I don’t think Our Lord or Our Lady would mind one bit temporarily altering the Rosary in this way.  I am now doing most of my Rosaries this way, so I hope not!  Besides, after you finish just one Rosary you have added at least 50 more Memorares to the chorus!
  1. Remember that every 10th Memorare we say should be “in thanksgiving.” This is how St. Teresa of Calcutta would pray the Memorare novena, and it’s a noble practice.  We shouldn’t ask God without at the same time saying thank you for his generous responses, even before we have received them!
  1. Always keep in these intentions above all the conversion of sinners. Every time Mary has interceded in our world via visions and apparitions, she has called first and foremost for conversion and repentance.  If you think about it, this is in the end why our Catholic schools exist, for the continuing reconversion of young hearts and minds to the Lord and his Church.

What will be the miracles that God will bring about in response to this mission?  We can only guess, but surely they will far exceed our wildest expectations!  We must do our part, though, so let’s all make sure we together hit that 100,000 Memorare goal this school year!  GO TEAM!!!

Blessed Advent,

Fr. David




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