From Fr. David’s Desk

Dear Friends in Christ,

Last week I had the privilege of giving my very first radio interview when I visited the local Catholic radio station WSFI 88.5 FM in Libertyville.  It was a trip!   What an exciting and engaging experience!  I thought I might be more than a little anxious, but I was not.  As it happened, my nervousness arose more from the anticipation of telling my story than from anxiousness of being recorded on air.  I have been on stage enough in my life to deal with the spotlight, but this was something different.  It was also something new, and new things are often accompanied by the fear of the unknown, but the hominess of the environment and the friendliness of the staff alleviated whatever fears might have still been lingering when I walked in.

I am grateful for having the opportunity to share my vocation story more in full.  Over the course of about 80 minutes of recorded time I said many things (I’m sure you’re surprised!).  I told about my parents’ background, particularly the faith they brought into their family, a bit of my childhood and youth, some of the personal, emotional, spiritual, and physiological challenges I experienced in high school and college, several of the life changing encounters I had with Jesus and his people, and something of my life as a priest at each of the parishes I have called home.  It was really fun, and as the interview progressed I got into it more and became more lively and animated (again, I’m sure you’re surprised!)  In the end I was happy to relate what I would call a Good News story, and frankly something to counter some of the bad news stories we have heard in recent days regarding the Church.  This was my story, a journey of reclamation of identity, renewed personhood, and the gentle sweet mercy and love of Jesus and Mary.  The thread I wove through my interview is that I am who I am today not because of my own gifts, of which I know God has given me many, but rather by the unfathomable and unmerited grace of God in Christ!

You should know that I did give St. Mary some props, about which I meant every word!  I encouraged folks out there to come visit us, especially during our upcoming anniversary year.  Naturally I also gave some good press for Montini, inviting families in our area seeking a solid Catholic education to consider joining the Montini community.  I also mentioned recent efforts of our local parishes to work more cooperatively and less competitively, encouraging other clusters of parishes out there to do the same.  I shined the spotlight on our community with as much positivity as I could.

The program is called “Spotlight.”  I do not know when my interview will be aired, but after I find out I will be sure to let you all know well enough in advance in the event you would wish to tune in.

With prayers for growth in the desert,


Fr. David


Holy Week Schedule

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Good Friday – April 19th – 1:00PM Service – Liturgy of the Word with Eucharist

Holy Saturday – April 20th – Noon Easter Basket blessing in Church

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Easter Sunday Mass – April 21st – 8 & 10AM


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