From Fr. David’s Desk

Dear Friends in Christ,

This weekend kicks off the exciting week of Catholic Schools Week.  For our school community this is always one of the most eventful weeks of the year!  This year is no exception, as we have no shortage of great things happening this week to highlight the mission and excellence of our Catholic schools.

Included among the events at Montini are: Open House at both buildings Sunday, 10am-12:30pm; the annual All County Mass at Marian Catholic High School on Monday; an All School Mass at Middle on Tuesday; an Honor Roll and Virtue assembly Tuesday; a Skate Night at the local roller rink Wednesday; Eucharistic Adoration Thursday; vocation awareness and visits by the priests Thursday; pep assemblies at both buildings Friday; and a Taco Dinner and Game Night (which you are all invited to!) Friday evening 5-7pm at Holy Apostles Church.  On top of all this each day has a special celebratory theme with other fun activities tied to those themes.  We are super pumped up for an amazing week of celebration and giving thanks and praise to God for the gift of our Montini and Marian school communities!

The week officially begins with the Sunday Masses this weekend, with school families being more present and involved in the Masses.  Montini student guest speakers will even be at some of the Masses at the three McHenry/Montini parishes.  I hope you get the chance to hear one of them speak about the blessings of our beloved school!

In case it didn’t sink in, let me repeat: Montini Primary and Middle Schools are having Open House Sunday, January 26, from 10am to 12:30pm.  Please stop by and visit our schools.  Walk through the halls, talk with the teachers, admire the excellent projects our children have been creating.  It would mean the world to our school community to have you all take a little time Sunday/today to be with them and thank them for all their great work!  I hope you can make it.

One final note.  Included in the All School Mass Tuesday of Catholic Schools Week will be the First Communion of two of our students, a 5th grader and a 3rd grader.  They were baptized in a different church community, but subsequently received most of their Christian formation at Montini School. They have fallen in love with the Catholic faith and have asked for Jesus on their own, and with their parents’ full support.  Well, let me just say, I can’t put into words (which I know is unusual) how moved I am by the request and desire of these two beautiful young girls.  I am absolutely ecstatic to oblige them!  (You should have seen how happy they were around the schools this past week!)  As I have told several people in the last week since all this has arisen, THIS is in the final analysis why Catholic schools exist – to make disciples of our children.  If the word disciple means “learner”, then our goal is to teach them many avenues of learning – academic, social, spiritual, athletic, relational, human development.  The most fundamental learning we teach though is learning at the feet of Jesus.  To hear these students want to draw closer to Jesus, in fact in the most intimate way possible in this life, is a resounding affirmation of the witness of our teachers and students and reaffirmation of our school’s mission.  How touching to hear this from these students!

Please continue to pray for and support the work and mission of our Catholic schools.  Your involvement is greatly appreciated!


Fr. David






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