Letter from Fr. David



Dear Friends in Christ,

             ‘Tis the season for many great feasts and celebrations!

            Of course, we continue in the glorious season of Easter.  For one more week, in fact.  The Paschal Candle remains the central symbol of the season.  As it stands by the ambo, it reminds us that the Light of Christ within us compels us to proclaim and live out our Catholic faith with confidence and courage and conviction!  We continue to hear the story of the infant or nascent Church, of how we came to be, how we faced personal and cultural struggles even then, and how we spread like wildfire in the midst of countless unspeakable trials and persecutions.  It is a story of victory and hope.  It is OUR story, and it continues with us. 

             Today is the Feast of the Ascension.  In the Gospel for today Jesus corporeally leaves the Church on earth to take his throne in Heaven.  But as he goes he gives one final commissioning to the Apostles and to us.  He tells them, and us, to “GO”……….”MAKE disciples”………”BAPTIZE”  ……….. and “TEACH”.  These commands, these actions, encompass in just a few words the entire mission, indeed the entire existence of the Church.  As it was for the Eleven, so it is for us. 

             This weekend, and specifically on Monday, we as a nation celebrate Memorial Day, or as it was known many years ago Decoration Day.  This weekend marks the beginning of the summer holiday and travelling season.  But more importantly it solemnizes the service and sacrifice of countless thousands of brave men and women who have fought, bled, and died for the noble causes of truth, liberty, and justice.  Recognizing we will never be able to fully repay them for their sacrifices, we honor them with as much honor and reverence as we are able.

             This weekend wraps up, already, the beautiful month of May, especially devoted to Our Blessed Lady Mary, Queen and Mother of the Church and of the world.  It is a time of deep heartfelt devotion to Mary’s motherhood and powerful intercession.  To add to this, just a couple of weeks ago the world marked the 100th anniversary of the appearance of Our Lady to the three children at Fatima, Portugal.  The Blessed Mother’s tender yet firm intercession on that fateful occasion continues to resonate throughout the world as a clarion call to faith, repentance, reparation, and spiritual arms.  Many have heeded that call, but many more have yet to change their hearts. 

             Last, but most certainly not least, we have come to what I call graduation season.  This weekend our Montini 8th graders celebrate their graduation from our illustrious school, and next weekend our Marian seniors will celebrate the milestone achievement of completing their high school career.  Our seniors from other community schools will also be celebrating their graduations soon.  We are VERY proud of all of our graduates!!  I for one am very glad to know these young ladies and gentlemen, and to have them as part of our St. Mary parish family.  May God bless them abundantly as they prepare for the next adventure of their lives, and may they always stay close to Jesus and his Church every step of their life journey. 


Happy Easter!                         Fr. David           


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