From Fr. David’s Desk

Dear Friends in Christ,

Last Sunday and these next four Sundays we hear proclaimed in the Mass the “Bread of Life Discourse” from John the Evangelist.  This then becomes a suitable time for all of us to reflect on our attitudes and practices regarding the Mass and the Holy Eucharist.  To that end, I offer here a “Top 10” list of questions for each of us to ponder over these next several weeks.

  1. When I come to celebrate Mass, am I more focused on giving myself in worship of God, or rather getting something out of the experience?
  1. With the Mass am I more focused on loving God and my faith community through this gathering, or simply fulfilling an obligation?
  1. Do I find myself frequently running late for Mass and / or leaving immediately after Mass is finished? In other words, do I leave any room for God to work in me before and after Mass?
  1. Do I make a conscious effort to prepare myself well for Mass with my appearance, my demeanor, my focus, and my spiritual desire?
  1. Am I engaged in “full, active, conscious participation” during Mass, to which the Second Vatican Council called all of us? Or am I simply here?
  1. How often do I worship Jesus in the Eucharist outside of Mass by visiting Him in local Adoration chapels or during Adoration times in local parishes?
  1. If I have a special ministry role in the liturgy, what degree of care do I take in preparing for my role?
  1. Am I more concerned with Jesus’ Presence with us at Mass – in Word, Sacrament, and Church – or the incidentals (music, preaching, environment, etc.) of the celebration?
  1. Am I more loyal to a Mass time or to a Eucharistic community?
  1. Is the Eucharist my greatest treasure, the deepest yearning of my heart?

O Sacrament most holy,

O Sacrament divine,

All praise and all thanksgiving

Be every moment Thine!

Happy August!

Fr. David


We’re looking for you!  🙄 

St Mary Liturgy Accompanist Job Description – Part Time position

As part of St. Mary of McHenry, the Church organist/pianist is expected to be dynamic and pastoral as he/she serves as part of the staff at St. Mary Church in McHenry.  Music is an essential part of our worship and we place a high value on quality music that inspires our participation in the Church’s worship.

Responsibilities of the Church organist/pianist include:

  • Collaborate with Music Director and pastor in providing music for Liturgical services
  • Preparation for and attendance at Adult Choir Rehearsals Thursdays 7pm-9pm
  • Accompany Adult Choir at:
    • 10 am Sunday mass
    • Christmas Eve Carol Service, midnight mass and morning mass
    • Sacred Triduum
    • Funerals and Weddings as available
    • Rehearsals Thursday evenings 7pm-9:00pm
  • Assist in the selection / evaluation of parish music
  • Participate in staff meetings and development as available
  • Additional opportunities to accompany at regular masses may become available

Qualifications: Keyboard proficiency. Proficiency with (pipe) organ desired. Flexible and willing to work with volunteers with a passion for good liturgy and great music. Pay: TBD

To apply: Please send resume to St. Mary Church, ATTN: Celeste Mann, 1407 N. Richmond Rd., McHenry, IL 60050


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