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Weekday Masses

Tuesday-Friday 8:00am
(Tuesday 9:00am during school year)

First Friday of the month - Annointing Mass at 8:00am

Weekend Masses

Saturday Evening 4:00pm
Sunday 7:00am, 9:00am, and 11:00am

Confessions Saturdays 3:00pm





Letter From Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,                                          November 29, 2015

                Last Saturday evening a group of twenty or so of St. Mary’s parishioners, along with others from St. Patrick and Holy Apostles, did a special ceremony in church in which we entrusted ourselves completely to Jesus through Mary.  What we did is called Marian Consecration; simply put, we gave ourselves completely to Mary to do with as she wills, to use as she sees fit.  We had been doing the 33 Days to Morning Glory retreat program (it’s NOT just a class!) and this ceremony was the culmination of that experience.  It was a beautiful and powerful evening that has profoundly changed all of us.

               You might be wondering what this Marian Consecration business is all about.  What’s so big about it?  I mean, we know Mary is important, but giving ourselves completely to her to do with as she wills?  Isn’t that a bit much, a bit extreme?  Isn’t that rather what we should do for Jesus alone?  Wouldn’t such a consecration to Mary somehow diminish Jesus’ role as the One Savior and Redeemer? 

 Well, no.  Consider it this way – Indeed, Jesus is the one mediator between God and man, the One who by his one eternal sacrifice at Calvary bridges the gap between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Man that was destroyed because of the sin of man.  But in order to bring about this redemption, God actually entrusted himself to Mary.  Please understand this.  When Mary says “Yes” to the angel Gabriel (God’s messenger) God now descends in the form of Man to find a home in Mary’s virginal womb.  God now becomes dependent on her.  God now become obedient to her.  God now listens to her more than he listens to anyone else, including all of his angels.  God now entrusts the entire work of salvation to her. 

Did you catch that?  How could God allow a mere human, one of his own creatures, to play such a central role, indeed a necessary role, in the salvation of souls?  What an incredible thing!  What a mystifying thing!  But what a beautiful thing!

 When Jesus comes into the world, who is it that consents to making it happen?  Mary.  When Jesus performs his first recorded miracle at the wedding in Cana, who is instrumental in moving Jesus to do it?  Mary.  At Calvary, who is entrusted with being the mother of the disciples, as well as Mother of the Church for all time?  Mary.  When Jesus sends the Holy Spirit on the Church at Pentecost, who is it that prepares the disciples for His coming?  Mary.  And who, in these last days, will necessarily help the Church prepare for the final battle with Satan and Jesus’ Final Coming?  Mary.  Don’t you see?  Mary is pivotal in EVERY aspect of our salvation.  Yes, all grace comes FROM Jesus, but He has willed it that all his grace should flow THROUGH Mary.  Scripture presents this truth, and our faith clarifies it.

No, Mary does NOT diminish Jesus’ role in any way.  Don’t let anyone convince you of that!  She can only augment his role and his power, because her sole desire has been and always will be to do the will of God – her Father, her Son, and her Spouse the Holy Spirit.  Furthermore giving oneself completely to Mary is NOT worship of Mary; it is to TRUST her as a gracious, generous, and powerful Mother, and to come to love Jesus more perfectly through her. 

            If you have not yet done so, I encourage ALL of you to do a consecration to Jesus through Mary.  Once you do so, our Mother will do things for you that you cannot even imagine! 

Happy Advent!



Fr. David

St. Mary's Stations of the Cross

Learn of the Stations of the Cross - The Way of Sorrow for Jesus as told through 14 canvas paintings that hang in Saint Marys Catholic Church in McHenry, Illinois.The paintings are brought to life with modern day motion effects, music and dynamic transitions that often pertain to the events and station being described.

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