“What’s for dinner?”

     “What do you want?”

         ” I don’t know!”

Does that sound like you or your family recently?

Can’t figure out what to make anymore for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Got a sweet tooth, but don’t know what to bake?

Well, we will have the answer to your questions soon! If you had St. Mary’s Cookbook, you’d have the answers to these questions at your fingertips! So it’s time to get the recipes going….or coming in!

St. Mary’s CCW and the 125th Anniversary Committee are collecting recipes for this cookbook. Please gather your recipes: anything from a family favorite, a dessert, breakfast, lunch, dinner, vegan, vegetarian or gluten free.  We want it all! Maybe it’s your Mom’s or Grandma’s recipe, or something you clipped from a magazine, if you’ve made it and it tastes great, we’ll take it! And you are not limited to the number of recipes  that you can submit (at this time!)

Please submit your recipe and include your name and contact information (phone or email address). You can put in the drop box at the parish office or mail to the parish office at: 1407 N. Richmond Rd. McHenry, IL 60050. We will also accept email submissions that can be scanned and attached, typed within an email, or in a Word file to:

Parish Office: stmarylady@aol.com

Ann Schmidt—ann.schmidt@yahoo.com

Celeste Mann—celeste.mann1951@gmail.com

Fran Wiser—weez6@yahoo.com

Maxine Cwiak—mmcwiak@gmail.com